One Joy

One joy is a sweet, loving, gentle, and kind Beagle/Shepherd mix dog that came to us from a Kill shelter. We were told that his eye had ruptured but they didn't know how or why. They also said that his eye should be fine just left alone. Our rescue group wanted to take him to a specialist to see if he was in any pain and if anything needed to be done for him. We took him to Dr. Stanz at the Animal Eye Care of WNY. We have dealt with her before, and she does amazing work!

Dr Stanz examined him and said that there are nerve endings inside that could possibly be causing pain and that to prevent further infection that he should have it cleaned out and sealed shut. We decided to go ahead with the surgery and to have him neutered while he was there so that he didn't have to go under anesthesia twice.

A week later his foster mom took him to his appointment and they performed the surgery on him. Dr. Stanz found a BB gun pellet inside of his testicle. She told the foster mom that he most likely lost his eye due to a BB gun injury as well. We cried at the thought of One Joy, this sweet and innocent submissive dog being shot at multiple times with a BB gun. What kind of person could do this to an animal? Dr. Stanz is sure that he probably has other pellets inside of him, but for now at least he was stable and able to start the recovery process.

After surgery his testices were swollen and he was dripping blood. Luckily a nurse has been able to look at him daily and said that he is healing okay. One Joy was in pain and would sit outside in the snow and not want to come in the house, because the cold felt good to him. He is currently getting a lot of love and is slowly being nursed back to health. We are sorry that One Joy had to endure this pain, but are happy that our rescue group could help! His total Vet bill came to $930.00 and that is with a very generous discount from the Animal Eye Care of WNY, so thank you to them! Please help us pay for his Vet bill.