Panda's Puppies

Update 8/19/10: This chipin is in addition to our last one. Four of the puppies are doing pretty good, but two of them were in critical condition at Seneca Animal Hospital. They stayed for two days in which they were given fluids, hospital care, medicine, and around the clock emergency care. We just got them back to our rescue in which we have to continue to give fluids and medicine. We have to watch them closely to make sure that they are doing okay and not regressing. Their breathing is still compromised but we are hoping that over time, they will start to feel better. Pneumonia is very difficult to control in such young babies (5 weeks old). The total of the bill came to $375.00. Please help us cover the vet costs so that we can continue to help other precious babies from being sick.

Our rescue group took in a momma and her 6 puppies from a KILL shelter. Most of the animals that we take in either have an Upper Respiratory Infection, kennel cough, Mange, or many other issues.

The mom came in emaciated and the puppies with an URI. We took the puppies to Seneca Animal Hospital in East Aurora. Dr Kadlek decided to have two of the puppies stay at the hospital due to compromised breathing. Both puppies are in critical condition at the Vet's office.

If you want to make a donation directly to the Vet's off then please contact them to make a payment under our rescue group name. Their number is 716-652-6120. Please let them know that your paying towards the vet bills for Buffalo Paws and Claws Animal Shelter.

Four of the puppies received fluids at the vet's office, were given Metronidazole for Diarrhea, and Clavamox for their infection. Two of the puppies are with the mom and the other two are being cared for every 4 hours around the clock. Given food, medicine, love, and an overall health check.

The two puppies that are in critical condition, may or may not come back to us tomorrow, so everyone please say your prayers. Either way, Seneca is taking amazing care of them and will release them when they are feeling better. Any amount of donation will help towards their ongoing care. Thank You!