Pandora is an adorable Rotti/Lab mix puppy who is now 4 month's old. Around Christmas time, she wasn't acting like her normal energetic and playful self. She would stare off into space for a few minutes, didn't have an appetite, and was very lethargic. At times she would come out of it and run around for a little bit, but only to regress a couple of hours later.

We took her to the Vet where she received Cephalexin. She was on this medication for a short time, but it wasn't helping. She was throwing up her medication and didn't have an appetite. The Vet said that she would need to be hospitilized because she wasn't eating or keeping anything down. They kept her there for 2 1/2 days in which they did supportive care (daily fluids, medication, anti-nauseau medication, etc). At this point, it was approaching New Years Eve and the office was going to be closed. The Vet wasn't sure exactly what was causing her to not eat. Was it a virus, was there something wrong with her liver? They did a blood test and saw that her white blood cell count was off but still didn't know why she wasn't improving. Our rescue group wasn't sure if she was going to make it or not. Our bill was already at $907.00 but we didn't want to give up on this sweetheart!

We then took her to the 24 hour Emergency Vet care. We asked them to run a Parvo test on her and that came back negative. They said that we should do an X-Ray of her lungs because they heard her cough a little while she was being examined. After doing the X-Ray they told us that she has Pneumonia. Puppies are predisposed to acute infectious tracheobronchitis, which can progress to pneumonia, because they are often physiologically stressed by changes in ownership and new environments. This makes sense being that she went from a KILL shelter, traveled a long distance on transport to our rescue group, then to a foster home, and then to a foster to adopt home. She stayed at the ER for 2 days until we decided that she needed to come out and be in a nice warm bed with her foster mom. While at the ER she received the best care possible. She received fluids, anti-nausea medication, other medications such as Baytril, blood tests, X-Ray's, and around the clock care. The foster mom took great care of her, giving her the take daily medication, and lots of love and affection which she desperately needed.

Pandora was starting to feel better but was running out of medication and had to go back to our primary Vet for some more. She went in on January 7th and was given Baytril and Amoxicillin. She then went back to the Vet on the 10th in which they did a follow up X-Ray just to make sure that she was in fact getting better. The X-Rays did show some vast improvement which was great for this little survivor. Although she is feeling a lot better, she will still have one more Vet check just to make sure that she is completely cleared of the Pneumonia. We are so thankful to both Vet's and the foster mom for saving this precious little life! Please help out with our Vet costs which ended up totaling $2,321.00. We know it seems like a lot, but her life was worth every penny.