UPDATE: Paxtun as of April, 2010. As you can see in the photo, he is getting big and has overcome his near death experience with Parvo.

We know that $2,650 seems like a lot to spend one just one puppy, but we couldn't look Paxtun in the eyes and just let him die. He was surrendered from a breeder who had PARVO in their litter. Unknowingly, we took him in so that we could find him a great home. Sweet little Paxtun was only with our rescue for 2 days when we found out from the vet that he was positive for this disease.

Being that he was only 7 weeks old, he needed a lot of vet care, TLC, and prayers to keep him alive. He first went to the Banfield vet in Orchard Park who tested him, at that point they told us that he needs 24 hour care. We took him to the Orchard Park Emergency care vet who cared for him for 2 days. The outlook was not very good.

He lay there motionless when we picked him up to transfer him to 5 Corners Animal Hospital in Orchard Park. The poor little guy has been there for a week! They gave him Plasma and a lot of supportive care. The only problem was that his protein levels were extremely low and they did not know if his body would be able to fight this disease. One of the vet tech's offered to take him home so that she could watch over him and give him the extra love that he needed. Paxtun needed to know that his life was worth fighting for.

"DON'T GIVE UP PAXTUN" is all we kept thinking. He still wasn't doing that well so she took him home for a long weekend. That is when our rescue group received a video message, showing him standing and eating hard food. We were soo relieved to see that he was doing a little bit better. He has to go back to the vet so that they can do more blood work, but hopefully he can finally be done there and go to his foster home. We did not give up on Paxtun, nor would we for any of our animals. We know that it will take time to recoup our costs, but isn't his life worth it? Please donate as much as you can to help out our rescue group.