Last year we took in a kitty named Peaches. When he was a little kitten, the door was slammed in his face. Instead of the owner taking him to the vet, they let him suffer and his jaw healed incorrectly. When he was surrendered to use, we notice that he had difficulty breathing and would make a loud noise every time he took a breath.

We immediately took him to the vet to make sure that he wasn't have any major health issues. We had him tested for FIV which came back negative and we had him sedated so that they could do a radiograph on him. The vet stated that the damage was done and to perform surgery on him at this point would be a greater risk then just letting him live with it.

Although Peaches would continue to have running eyes, breathing issues, and teeth that were damaged due to the hit, at least we knew now what needed to be done. We lowered the adoption fee and he ended up going to a great home where he is now pampered and spoiled. Later on in life he pay have to have surgery if his breathing gets worse. In the meantime we were left with a bill of $225.00. Thanks to anyone who can help us out so that we can continue our efforts of saving abused, neglected, and injured animals.