Peggy is a Chi mix doggie who came to our rescue group with puppies. She was very skinny and had a lot of fur loss. She was stressed and not well taken care of. After she had weanend her puppies, her foster had taken her to the Banfield Pet Hospital in Amherst NY due to her leaking blood still. The vet gave her Clavamox for any infection that she may have and told us that it is possible that she still had a baby inside of her or part of one that didn't come out so we opted for an X-Ray just to make sure she was okay. They had to take different views so that they could see what was going on. Luckily they did not see any of that! They said that she looked good and to give her more time to heal. Peggy is doing better now and has gained weight. Her fur is coming in really good also. Her vet bills to check her overall health came to $261.00 plus her upcoming spay which will be $85.00, bringing her bills to $346. We would appreciate any help that we can for this sweet girl's care. Thank you.