My name is Philly. I am the sweetest, most affectionate declawed boy about 7 years old. I'm still confused as to why, but my owner tossed me outside to fend for myself :'( I was so lonely...I was surrendered to the shelter because I "just wouldn't go away".

I was infested with fleas, underweight and had very few teeth. I was taken to Seneca Animal Hospital to receive my rabies vaccine as well as get tested for Fiv/Felv (which was negative). That bill cost my wonderful life savers $115.

I have since had dental work done...and have no teeth left! This came to $340. My tongue always hangs out now, and I drool a bit. This is how I got my new name...there is an art museum in Phillidelphia called 'The Toothless Cat' Philly was only fitting!

After my dental work I had dome bleeding, and was a bit sore, but I was already purring and wanting love. I am always loving on the people that made me feel better, but I feel bad that I can't pay them back...maybe you can help me? If you could help me pay them back I would feel so much better :-) Thank you for anything you can spare!