Pitbull Truth

The pitbull euthanasia rate in kill shelters is approximately 93 percent. Out of 100 pitbulls that are surrendered to these shelters, only 7 will survive. This is something to think about before you adopt. Please help these animals before it's too late!
Operation Pets located in Blasdell, NY is offering "Project Pit Bull" to owners who need to spay or neuter their dogs. You can apply for this program three different ways. If you are qualified then you would only pay a fee of $20. Please click on this link for further information: http://www.operationpets.org/pitbull.php3
Pitbull's make loving and loyal pets. I have the right to say this because I own one. I was like most people out there that were unsure about Pit's until I decided to adopt one two years ago. These dogs are smart, loving, affectionate, and good natured. Some of you may not agree with me, but for those people that don't, all I can say is that you haven't met the right one. I am not going to tell you that Pitbull's are never dog aggressive, because some are. If they are bred, raised, and trained to be aggressive or "fighting dogs", then they will be. Not because they are born that way but because they have a strong desire to please their owner.

In certain states, these Pitbull pup's are deemed vicious at birth. I am glad that the state that I live in is not one of them.
Ever wondered what happened to the dog's seized from, previous Falcon's quarterback Michael Vick's home? Many of you may have thought that the dogs had to be put down. In actuality, only two of the dogs were unable to find homes. One of the dogs was to sick to be adopted and the other dog was so traumatized from his ordeal, that he was unable to let go of his aggression. On the brighter side, all of the other dogs were either adopted out and found great homes or are in foster care. One of the dogs Jasmine was so frightened that shelter workers had to build a tent inside her cage so she could hide. Well let's not forget what he did to these dogs. He slammed one so hard on the concrete floor that it died and he shot another dog for cowering in a fight. Although these dogs were thought to be the most dangerous dogs alive, many of them cowered in the corner of their kennels.

Ernier has been enrolled in Paws for Tales who help children read in front of audiences.

Sweet Pea loves to be around other dogs.