Plum is a 12 pound young JRT male dog who came to us from a kill shelter in Ohio. They said that he was hit by a car and had a fracture through his left joint. We agreed to take him, knowing that he may possibly need surgery on it.

We took him to Seneca Animal hospital in E Aurora for a check up exam. He has some superficial sores on his body as well as dry flaky skin. His exam went well! The Vet said that although he is favoring his rear leg when he walks, that it should heal on it's own without the need for surgery. He did a skin scrape just to make sure that Plum didn't have any mites under his skin and that came back negative. They also clipped his nails and gave him a rabies vaccination. We were given Prednisone to help with inflammation as well as to help with his skin.

The Vet said that after a couple of weeks that he would be ready to be neutered. We are soo happy to know that he is going to be just fine. This very sweet and loving boy will be up for adoption soon so we hope to find him a wonderful home where he will be spoiled! This Vet bill as well as his neuter costs, come to $149.00. Please help us cover his costs.