Pugsley Addams

Update 1/31/11
Pugsley had his surgery and he did pretty good given the circumstances. His surgery came to $540 so we adjusted the chipin amount. Here is a photo of some of the stones that were flushed out. Pugsley is on crate rest and is taking a sedative for pain. Thank you for your help!

We recieved a $20 cash donation towards Pugsley, thank you very much! We have deducted the amount from the total balance.

Pugsley is a one eyed Pug who is 15 months old and was adopted through our rescue group as a young puppy. In the beginning of December he started having issues urinating to the point that his urine was not coming out. Unfortunately, the owners Vet was out of town so they had to take him to the emergency room in Rochester. They were unable to get 3 different catheters in him and stated he may have a blockage. Instead of performing surgery right away, they emptied his bladder with a syringe through the side of his stomach. The next day he was urinating without a problem; however, they decided to go to their Vet as he was now back in town. He prescribed an antibiotic to help with any infection he may have had.

Things went well for a couple weeks but then Pugsley began straining again to urinate. They took him to their Vet again where he was unable to get a catheter in. He flushed him out the best he could and got most of the blockages out of the way so that Pugsley could urinate again. The Vet advised the owners that they needed to change his diet to Hills Prescription Diet c/d which is formulated to help break down bladder stones so they can dissolve. He prescribed a refill on the antibiotic again as well.

Pugsley did great for about a month. Last week they took him to their Vet who was able to get a couple small bladder stones to pass through. The Vet advised them to get some X-Rays so that he would know what exactly was going on. His suggestion was for Pugsley to undergo surgery to have a "sex change." The curve of his urethra could be causing more problems so by having this surgery it would eliminate this curve. His owners brought him home so that they could discuss options.

Pugsley's owners couldn't afford to do anything further for him. They had already paid hundreds of dollars for this issue as well as thousands of dollars when they had to see an eye specialist when he ran into a tree branch and injured his "good eye". They called our rescue group to see if we could help. We offered for them to go to Seneca Animal Hospital in East Aurora, NY to have the X-Rays done and to see what their recommendation was. We said that we could pay for this visit being that we love Pugsley and didn't want to see anything happen to him. Not to mention this same family fosters for us as well as manages our website (for free). After getting the X-rays done, it was found that Pugsley had about 2-3 larger bladder stones along with a few smaller bladder stones. We could count at least 7-8 stones in the X-Rays. The Vet there recommended that Pugsley undergo surgery to remove the bladder stones and have the "sex change". That particular visit that we paid was $551.00. The original Vet that saw him estimated the "sex change" surgery to be around $600 so the total of all of his Vet work will be $1,151.00.

Any help that you can provide for Pugsley to undergo this surgery would be greatly appreciated. He needs this done soon or he may not live a long happy life. We are trying to help out his owners the same way the Emergency Pet Fund does. We are not funded by the Government and do not receive any help except for the generous donations that we receive. The owner's had told us that it was either his surgery or they would have to go without food. They were ready to surrender him back over to our rescue group, but we did not want to pull him from the only family that he has known since he was a baby puppy.

Please reach into your pockets and help us pay back this Vet bill & to raise the money needed for his upcoming surgery so that Pugsley can have a good chance at a normal life. So that Pugsley can be as pain free as possible. And finally so that Pugsley can stay in his wonderful home with his kitty friends, doggie friends, and loving parents.

Update 6/18/10:Pugsley went for a follow-up appointment today and is doing well. He needs to continue receiving eye drops every day. New pictures have been added in the below slideshow.

Update 5/10/10:Unfortunately, Pugsley had to go back to the eye doctor today as his graft didn't look right. Turns out, the graft had moved and he needed to have surgery again. Thankfully, the doctor was willing to do the surgery for free; however we still had to pay for the anesthesia. Please help support Pugsley in keep his one eye. Without this eye he would be blind.

Update 5/6/10: Pugsley was scheduled for a follow-up appointment tomorrow, 5/7. However, today we had an emergency come up. This morning we noticed Pugsley was not acting quite right as he was walking like he couldn't see at all. After picking him up to see what was wrong, we noticed his right eye (which is his good eye) was closed and he wouldn't open it. Once we were able to get it open, we noticed it was clouded over and something was not right. We immediately contacted Animal Eye Care of Western NY to report this issue. After explaining the problem, they advised to get there as soon as possible. After rushing him to the vet, we learned he had a hole in his eye, which most likely happened while he was playing outside. Pugs don't show much pain when this type of accident occurs which makes it difficult to know there is anything wrong. His eye now has an infection causing the cloudiness in his eye. At this time, he cannot see. The vet kept him since they need to perform surgery on his eye. If successful, which the vet states happens most of the time, he will start to gain his vision within a couple days. He will have a circular scar on his eye where they have to suture a grafting over the hole so it can heal. We are very distraught over this. With this came a hefty fee for the surgery at $1640.00. Please help support the poor little guy and donate today! Every dollar helps. Thank you for your support.

Pictures from his surgery.

Update 2/23/10: I had my follow-up appointment last week and things are going well. I have been able to stop my one eye drop medication and have a new one. Since my tear ducts only work at about 20%, I have a new eye drop medication to help stimulate my tear ducts to get them working normally. I have a follow-up appointment on May 7th. To help cover the costs of these follow-up vet costs, my chipin amount has been changed to $550. Please help and donate today! I will provide a new update when I have my next appointment. I appreciate everyone's support!

Update 1/12/10: I went for my appointment on 1/12/2010 as planned for my eye surgery at Animal Eye Care of Western NY. The doctor said my caregivers did an amazing job taking care of my eye by giving me my eye med's and making sure no additional damage was done to my eye. I will have another visit in a month and if things are still going good then I will not need my eye removed.

Here are some pictures from my appointment.

We have lowered the chipin amount to $300 to cover my vet visits and eye treatment med's. If I end up needing my eye removed then we will change the chipin back to $700. THANK YOU very much to all of you who have cared enough about me (Pugsley) to help towards my treatment. We will keep you posted on my progress.

My name is Pugsley and I need your help. I am only 12 weeks old and weigh 3 pounds. When I was just a couple weeks old, my sister scratched my eye.

For this reason, I need to have surgery to remove my eye. Donate today and help support my surgery.