Update 5/12/12:
Radar had his recheck appointment at Animal Eye Care on May 7th. He weighs 4.3 pounds, got his stitches removed and is doing great. The techs said he looks amazing :-) He is THE MOST AFFECTIONATE and sweet little boy ever!

He now needs to get his dental work done so his mouth isn't painful anymore. He needs to wait another 2 weeks before going under anesthesia again, but he will be going to Seneca Animal Hospital to have the work done. The estimate is between $400-600. We have added $500 to the amount needed. After surgery, if it was less or more, we will update the total.

Please help Radar by making a donation! He is on the road to being ready to be adopted, but needs this dental work done first. BPC and Radar appreciate anything you can give!

Update 4/21/12:

Radar had his eye removal surgery and neuter at Animal Eye Care of WNY, where everyone calls him "the baby" because he is so small and sweet. He did well, but due to his neglect and poor overall health, it was very traumatic for his body. After the surgery he was brought back to my home, and then rushed back soon after as there was so much bleeding from his testicle area and eye socket! We were told he may have a clotting disorder and to keep an eye on him. It was so bad that the blood dripping down his throat made him gag which made blood squirt out of his eye and across the room. I was hysterical!

Today was much better! He is still swollen in his one testicle (due to not being neutered till 6 years old) and his eye is swollen and bruised. But he is eating and rolling around for love :-) He also used the litter box and walked around. Poor Radar still has a long road of recovery, and will then have to undergo dental surgery. Please continue to show your support!! Little Radar can use all the help he can get!!

Radar went to Seneca Animal Hospital Thursday, 4-12. He was the best patient! The techs were very gentle and I'm sure Radar appreciated that. They began by trimming his nails, which took a long time. A few of them were overgrown into his pads. One was about 1/3 of an inch in there.

After the nail trimming came the ear cleaning and check for ear mites. Or course he had ear mites and the techs cleaned his ears and gave him his first of 4-6 treatments (1 each week). It took at least 15 minutes to clean his poor dirty ears.

Radar's eyes came next. This was just a quick clean and eye ointment applied, as they were cleaned them the night before.

Finally his left front paw's scab was removed so that it could be soaked daily and heal. It looked so bad after the scab came off, but it is already healing so well now!

Friday, 4-13, Radar went to Animal Eye Care of WNY to see Dr. Stanz. She examined his eyes and determined that his right eye had no sight but was not painful to him. This eye can stay as she believes he may be able to tell light from dark but that's about all. His left eye however has ruptured several times, is sunken in, has a hole in it, and needs to be removed. His appointment for his eye surgery is Thursday, 4-19, when he will also be neutered. We have adjusted the chipin to reflect the estimated charges for his surgery. Radar will also need dental surgery, but that will be done at Seneca after he has healed. We will update the chipin for that when the time comes.

Currently Radar is staying with me, Dawn. I fell in love with this sweet boy as soon as I saw him. He is so trusting and affectionate. He is in a bathroom, all to himself, set up to his needs. He had a bath yesterday and was such a good boy! I found out he loves being brushed :) I cuddle with him and he kneads me when I give him affection. He gives so much love for such a tiny boy!

I want to personally thank each and every person who has already donated and who will donate in the future for Radar. It is humbling to see so many people stepping forward to help out this amazing little man. Please continue to read his updates, and share his story, so that more people can see how much love this boy has to give and so that they can show their support.

Meet Radar. He is approximately 6 years old. We just pulled him from the kill shelter in Ohio where he was surrendered by his owner. This poor boy has been living with his nails grown into his feet pads, SEVERE ocular conjunctivitis, was attacked by another animal, etc. Poor Radar also weighs in at just about 3.5 pounds.

This poor boy has endured so much pain! The neglect is clearly visible. So many tears were shed immediately upon seeing this pour, sweet soul.

Radar already has an appointment set up at Seneca Animal Hospital for tomorrow (Thursday), and will most likely need to see Dr. Stantz, an animal eye specialist. We have started his chipin at $200 and will add or subtract as needed as well as update his progress.

We are so happy that this sweet guy has a foster home lined up! We will however need everyone's support to keep Radar moving forward. If you can make a monetary donation, remember 100% will go towards Radar's medical needs and your donation is tax deductible! Thank you!!