We took in a young Pit mix named Regina who was only 8 month's old and pregnant. She actually got pregnant at the kill shelter where she was living. She was a teen mom, having babies! Luckily a wonderful foster family took her in so that she could give birth. They set up a whelping box for her in the basement so that she could be comfortable.

Regina was a great mom from the start. She gave birth to 9 healthy puppies! She did the best she could but the puppies were starting to take a toll on Regina's health. We received a text from the foster mom that she had diarrhea and blood in her stool. Although she was previously dewormed we decided to have a fecal done so the foster mom took her to Brighton Eggert Animal Hospital. They ran the stool, and gave her fortiflora as well as Tylan powder. They worried that she was becoming dehydrated and also gave her Sub Q fluids. This Vet visit came to $108.00.

The very next day we received another call from the foster mom saying that Regina had become lethargic, was walking funny, had been standing in the same spot all morning, and that she had snapped at the foster mom. This was not like Regina! She is one of the sweetest most submissive dogs that you will ever meet. She went back to the Vet where they did blood work. They also sent home a bag of fluids and needles so that the foster mom could give it to Regina twice a day. The blood work didn't show anything abnormal so we could only attribute her behavior/medical issues towards being physically weak from taking care of and feeding such a large litter. We told the foster mom to start feeding the puppies soft food even though they were only 3 weeks old because we wanted to take some of the burden away from mom. They would still need to nurse but not as much. This Vet visit came to $124.00.

After a couple of days Regina was back to her old self again and luckily she tested negative for any parasites. The Total Vet costs were $232.00. All of the puppies have been adopted and Regina found her forever home with the foster family!!! We are soo happy for her....she would of been devastated leaving the only home she had ever known. Please help us recover the Vet costs for both mom and babies. The sending rescue said that if Regina's puppies were born there that they would have been exposed to sick dogs and would have probably all died. We were more than happy to help this teen mom so that both herself and the babies could be healthy and safe! Thank your for your support and love.