Restless a 3-4 month old puppy was playing with his friends and broke his rear leg. We took him to 5 Corners Animal Hospital in Orchard Park. They stated that due to him not receiving proper nutrition as a pup, his bones had become weak. Therefore, it didn't take too much trauma for him to break it. We had 2 Radiograph's taken in which they found the break in his leg.

He was given a CBC blood count, a pain medication, Clavamox, a fecal exam, and some injectables. We were told that with proper rest that his bones would heal over time. He is currently with a foster mom who is taking great care of him to make sure that he gets his daily pain pills, Clavamox, and Vitamins to help him heal.

His total bill came to $527.00. Most of the cost came from his Radiographs in which they had to do different views. In about a month or so Restless will have another one done just to make sure that it has healed properly. We sure hope so because otherwise he will have to undergo corrective surgery. Please help out whatever you can to help this cute little guy feel better!