Update 2/13/11:
Ritz is improving it seems! We are very optimistic that he will continue to improve. He is eating a new food...natural and organic...also same food in wet form daily. He is 10 months old now and still the size of a 3 month old. He is so playful, sweet and full of life. His stool is still loose but not liquid as before. He is also on a different antibiotic to try as well...which he loves taking. Please help us continue caring for Ritz until he is adopted by someone with the love and kindness this sweetie pie deserves!

Update 12/19/10:
Ritz has improved since his first visit to the vet, however he is still experiencing diarrhea. He will have it intermittently. The vet decided to place him on different medications and he is eating a speciat diet which will hopefully continue to improve his digestion. We will keep you posted on this cute little guys' progress! He is currently available for foster or foster to adopt only, until we get a handle on this issue. Thank you again for your generosity!

Ritz is such a special little boy. He is the last of his litter, is very petite, and has had a tough start at life. While younger he had an upper respiratory infection. When big enough and healthy and was able to be neutered and vaccinated.

Shortly after, not sure why, he developed chronic diarrhea. All his tests have been normal so we have had him on Predisolone and Metronidazole. He is also eating Feline I/D and taking pro-biotic powder. It has been a few weeks on this regiment and we are seeing signs of improvement finally!

We have had a few cases like this before so we are confident it will pass and he will not need lifelong medication. Although he will get better, we still have a large bill to cover, including future refills if needed. Please donate what you can to help Ritz as well as future cats that may come into our care with this condition. Thank you...a little can go a long way!