Update 11/1/11:
Romeo went back to Seneca Animal Hospital after 2 weeks of one medication and a week of different one. Nothing was working and he still had blood in his urine. The Vet did an X-ray and found out that he had 5 bladder stones which was causing all of his pain and discomfort. We had asked the Vet if they could do the much needed dental work while he was under anesthesia and they said it depended on how much time they had.

During his surgery, the Vet was able to remove the stones and take care of his teeth. The poor little guy had to have 9 teeth extracted. If his teeth were properly taken care of previously, then he wouldn't of had to go through that. He has been in pain and on pain medication. He was having trouble peeing in the beginning, was crying, and didn't want to go up and down the stairs.

He is doing better now that some time has passed. His new foster to adopt mom said "Romeo is doing so much better now. He plays with me. He goes everywhere with me too. He is loving life. He hasn't peed in the house since the one time on the couch. I am so happy with him, he is my best friend".

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The Vet bill was high for our rescue totaling $1,372 but Romeo is well worth it! We have scanned a copy of his bill so that you can see all of the things that were done. Please help us cover his costly surgery and dental care. Any amount will help! We have updated his chipin to reflect the total amount we have paid thus far. We still have one other bill to add on so it's not over yet.

Romeo is a sweet little 7 pound seven year old Pomeranian who came to us as an owner surrender. The day he arrived we noticed that he had blood in his urine when he peed. We immediately took him to the Vet the following day. We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital in E Aurora so that they could do a urinalysis. The Vet said that he may possibly have a urinary tract infection or it could be something more serious. He gave us Amoxi tabs which we are supposed to give Romeo for a week. If it doesn't clear up with this medication then he is going to need an X-Ray done.

While he was being examined, the Vet also noticed how bad his teeth are. Once his urinary problem is fixed, then we are going to set up an appointment to have dental work done. We are currently putting belly bands on Romeo so that he isn't peeing blood around the house. We hope this adorable little guy doesn't have anything serious. His Vet visit came to $109.00. Please help us recover his Vet costs.