Roscoe is a 4 month old kitten who came to us with a buldging eye which clearly needed to be removed. He was a stray who was loaded with fleas and near death when our rescue obtained him. The vet thought that he was possibly kicked or hit in that eye and said that it was most likely abuse that cause this.

We honestly did not think that he was going to make it but we hoped and prayed that he would. We took him to the 24 Emergency Care Vet in Orchard Park to see if he could be saved.

They first ran an FIV test which was Negative, they then give him Sub Q Fluids and kept him in an incubator for a few days. After he became stable enough, they performed the surgery and had Roscoe's eye removed. At the same time we opted for him to be neutered so that he only had to go under anesthesia one time.

Roscoe was a good patient and started purring and becoming more active after his surgery. He seems to do fine with just one eye and is a very happy boy now! Please donate towards his surgery so that we can use that money for another animal that might need us.