Sadie Mae

Sweet Sadie Mae was a stray Mommy of 4 out in Holland. A nice family took them in until we had room. We were finally able to take them all a couple weeks ago.

Upon arrival we noticed her mammary glands very full and hard. Being worried of mastitis, and our bad luck with cats getting it, we took her right to Seneca Animal Hospital where she saw Dr. Beyer. He took some milk to look for infection, and she did NOT have a temperature.

After looking at the slide of milk there was no infection! Just very uncomfortable, backed up milk from weening her 4 babies. Those babies were all adopted this past week, but we have Mom and her bills to pay.

Her bill came to $95 which included her needed FIV/FeLV test...which was negative :-) She also has a spay appt in January so we gave added this to her chipin amount. Any donation you can make will help!! Thank you!!