Sasha is a 6 year old Shepherd mix that we have had in our care for a year. Remember, we are a NO KILL rescue so we will keep these animals safe, healthy, and happy until they get adopted. We took Sasha in to the vet because she was producing milk and we thought that she could have possibly gotten pregnant while in foster care. We did a pregnancy test which came back NEGATIVE. She was having a false pregnancy. She also had an absess in her mouth which we were concerned about. The vet said that he could spay her and do dental work on her while she was under anesthesia so this is what we did.

Dr. Dunaif in East Aurora is the one who took care for her surgery. She has a CBC done, her teeth (clean/scale/polish), along with everything needed for her spay, and an e-collar. Sasha had to be wrapped by her foster because she would bend the collar and lick at her wound. She had to go back to the vet a few times due to her removing the staple from her stomach. She was too smart for that e-collar so we were given a different one to prevent her from licking. She is now all set and is a happy and playful girl again. If anyone can help out by donating even $5 towards her care, then we would greatly appreciate it.