Shasta is a Rotti mix adult dog that we have had in our rescue group for at least 4-5 month's now. Our foster noticed that she had a lump on her stomach so we had the Vet check it out. At first it was only the size of a pea so that Vet said just to keep an eye on it and not to do anything unless it started to get larger. Our foster mom contacted us to let us know that the lump had gotten bigger, which is what we were hoping would not happen. She went back to Seneca Animal Hospital in E Aurora and they said that she needed to have it removed just to be safe.

She had the procedure in which they had to hospitalize Shasta, anesthetize her, and do a Histopathology. This is an examination of tissues which starts with surgery, biopsy, or autopsy. The tissue is removed from the body and then sent to a laboratory to be examined. We were charged for this as well as an IV catheter, partial day hospital care, operating room charge, prep, surgery fee, and fluids. This bill came to $670 total. We waited a few days to find out that it was not a cancerous tumor which was great news! Shasta did have some bruising from the procedure and some leakage and bleeding. She had to be wrapped up, medicated for pain, and have some much needed rest. The foster mom did an amazing job at caring for her and making sure that she went back for a follow up to have her checked out and the sutures removed.

We also reimbursed the foster mom for gas mileage, being that she is a college student and pays for Shasta's food and other supplies. The mileage for these two trips to the Vet plus another separate trip she made came to $56.00. Shasta also had an office visit where she had her eye checked out previously due to her having a scratch on her lens. This was prior to the procedure so we were charged an office fee of $49.00. The Vet indicated that it was an old injury and that there was no need for surgery. All of this came to a total of $775.00. Her foster mom Kristen is hoping to get her sorority to pitch in and do a fundraiser to help raise the much needed funds for this sweet dog. Please help us in any way that you can!