Sheena is a sweet and loving Pit bull who has had a rough life, up until recently. We received a plea asking for help for this dog, otherwise she was going to be euthanized. They said that she was severely dog aggressive. Sheena lived most of her life in a basement where she would cry and scratch to get out. She would have to use the bathroom there and would then get scolded for it. She was hit and neglected for the 4 years of her life that our rescue group did not have her.

When Sheena arrived she was very sweet, loving, and friendly. Although very sick (coughing, nasal discharge, lethargic) she was still full of kisses! She thinks that she is a lap dog so of course so she wanted to climb on every ones laps. She did growl upon meeting a couple of dogs but we figured that she was sick and wanted to be left alone. She had an amazing disposition and didn't deserve to be abused or euthanized. We took her to Seneca animal hospital where she saw Dr Fijas.

He said that she was pretty sick and that he would give her Doxycycline. He said that if this didn't start to help in a couple of days that she would have to be hospitalized for possible pneumonia. While there we also had her tested for heart worms because we didn't want her going to a new owner if she was positive. Luckily the test was negative. A couple of days later a very nice girl named Ashlie said that she was willing to foster Sheena even though she was sick.

This was great for Sheena and she happily went with her new foster mommy. The foster mom took great care of her while she rested and built up her energy. The medication worked and she made a full recovery! After being with Ashlie for a couple of weeks, she knew that she had to adopt. Not only was Sheena good with most dogs, she was good with cats/kittens too! Did I mention that Ashlie has a new born baby that Sheena watches over at night and lays by her crib? To think this amazingly gorgeous creature was said to be aggressive and euthanized makes us sad. She deserves a kind loving family and that is what she got!

Sheena found a baby kitten recently and put it in her mouth. The foster mom thought oh no, please drop it. Here is a 50 pound Pit bull carrying a baby kitten. She found the rescued the kitten and gave it to her mom saying look what I found can we keep it? The foster mom took the kitten in and now the two are best friends. Not all Pit bull stories end with a happy ending, but this one sure did. We LOVE you Sheena and we wish you the best for ever and ever. Her Vet bills came to $133.00. Please help us pay for this bill so that we can continue to advocate and save the lives of Pit bulls in need, Because just like any other dog, they too deserve a chance at a good life!