Sheridon, our 3 year old JRT went to the Vet a couple of days ago due to diarrhea and constant itching. She was causing herself to bleed leaving sores on her body. Seneca Animal Hospital told us that she has Sarcoptic Mange. This means that she had microscopic mites living underneath her skin. The mites use small suckers on their legs to hold onto their hosts. After mating, the female mites burrow into the skin. They use their jaws and front legs to cut the skin.

Sheridon was given Ivermectin which she will need every week for a month. She was also given Metrondizole to help her with the diarrhea. We did a HW test as well. Luckily her test for that came back negative. We are hoping that after a week or so, her itching will lessen and she will feel much better. In the meantime she went to a foster home where they will take really great care of her until she is better. Please help out if you can.