Update 9/11/11:

Six's surgery was a great success back in June. His one eye was removed, and the other eye had scar tissue removed. He was on drops for weeks afterwards but did great. He went through so much, but did it like a champ! He was adopted by a friend of the family who was fostering him and is going to have a happy forever home :) Just wanted to update everyone on a few more recent photos and the results from the surgery. BTW, he was adopted with one of his siblings!

Update 5/4/11:
Six was seen by Dr. T at Seneca Animal Hospital today. When we picked him up from foster ee noticed the big scab on his eye was fell off!

Appearantly his eye is trying to heal itself. So, great news for Six, he may keep his eyes!! He, along with his 5 siblings, are on an ocular antibiotic and Six is on an additional lubricating ointment. We have postponed his surgery for now. We want to give the medication a chance to hopefully save him from major surgery.

If his eyes do recover, the placement of scar tissue will determine whether he will be able to see, and to what extent. His visit today came to $56, so we have changed the total to reflect that.

Unfortunately we are not sure if he will still need surgery, so we will still be trying to raise the money until we know. When we know we will update the chipin and the amount...if we are able to raise the money and its not needed for his surgery, rest assured it will be used towards another animal in need's care! Thank you!!

Meet Six. He was named this as he was the 6th kitten saved from a shed. His entire litter has a herpes virus in the eyes. This can lead to blindness if not treated.

Six, unfortunately, was found with it progressed too far along in one eye and it needs to be removed right away. He has an appt at Seneca Animal Hospital 5/4 to evaluate his eyes. We will also get medication for the others in the litter to save their eyes. Six's eye removal surgery is scheduled for Monday 5/9 and is estimated to cost $821...hopefully his other eye can be saved. The wonderful family that took these babies in, and are fostering them, donated $100 so we took that off already.

We still need $721 for the surgery. We will update the total needed after the appointment 5/4 and after his surgery if the cost is different from the estimate. This poor baby needs your help. Please help us help him!