Skittles is a young female Lab mix who came to us from an Ohio kill shelter. We were told that she had either an injury to her leg or a limb deformity that may need to be amputated. We decided to take her knowing that we may need to pay for surgery as well as keep her with us for a while. When she arrived she was very thin, exposing all of her ribs. Although Skittles had this issue, she was happy as can be. She ran around jumping, playing, and giving lots of kisses!

We took her to Seneca Animal Hospital for an initial evalutation. We were told that she has feeling in her paw, it is not causing her pain and or ulcers, so there was no need to amputate. She would also use it to stand at times and walk. They did confirm that it was a deformity which she was born with as her other leg showed lesser signs of a birth defect as well. This office visit came to $62.00. We also had her nails trimmed which we had them do because it was difficult to get her to stay still and or to prop her just right so that her front nails could be trimmed. They were extremely over grown and painful. She was starting to show signs of an upper respitory infection, which is common coming from a kill shelter and being exposed to so many dogs, so a couple weeks after having her we got medication from Seneca which came to $24.00. Also, being that she wasn't going to need surgery, we were able to schedule her spay appointment and have that taken care of. The total for that was $85.00 at our low cost spay and neuter clinic.

After having her for a couple of months she started to get really bad diarrhea so we decided to check her stool. The results came back positive for Girardia. It is caused by protozoa that are encased in a protective cyst that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The dog then ingests these cysts, allowing one of three things to happen. Either the dog's immune system will eliminate the protozoan from the body, or theprotozoaenter and multiply in the dog's small intestine, allowing them to reproduce causing cysts to be shed in the dog's feces. We were given Metronidozale medication for this. The bill came to $46.00.

Apx. 3 weeks later we found tape worms in her feces. She must of had fleas prior to coming to us and had swollowed one. We gave her a tape worm pill which we keep at all times. This came to apx. $20. We then contacted Seneca again because not only did she still have diarrhea but she now had traces of blood in her feces. Seneca gave us another round of Metronidozale which came to another $15.00. After that treatment she was all better and started gaining weight.

After having Skittles for some time, we ended up finding a wonderful adopter for her at one of our adoption events. It was love at first sight. The totals of her Vet costs and medication only came to $235.00.