Tanner is an 8 week old Black Lab mix puppy that came to our rescue group needing help. Tanner had PARVO and the shelter that he was at was going to euthanize him because they did not have the funds to save him. It was a weekend so we couldn't go to the regular vet, we had to go to a 24 hour care emergency vet. We rushed Tanner to the vet where they put him in isolation and did a lot of supportive care.

Tanner needed fluids, plasma, blood work, medicine, and lots of prayers to get him through this. He ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days when we were told that we might have to consider euthanasia because he wasn't getting any better. His foster mom and her two daughters came to visit Tanner in the hospital. Tanner had become very attached to the little girl and would perk up a little bit when he saw her. He even stood up, which was a big deal at the time.

As we all stared at him in his cage, crying and contemplating what we should do next, we decided to take him out of the hospital. If he was going to die, we wanted him to die in a nice home with blankets, toys, and lots of love! The vet told us that he might not make it and not to feel bad if he does die because this is the risk involved with any Parvo puppy. Our rescue group wanted to put the fate of Tanner in God's hands and that is what we did.

It was a true miracle! The next day after he left Tanner was doing better and starting to act like himself again. A playful little puppy with the will to live. A few days following that along with our vet tech supplying him with fluids and medicine, Tanner was completely healed. He was running around, playing, getting into mischief, and soo happy to be alive. Tanner has since then been adopted, but we are still trying to pay back his huge vet bill. We do not get any Government help or Grants to care for our animals so we are asking that caring people like yourselves, make some small donations to help cover his vet care. Please donate what you can so that we can continue our efforts in helping other puppies and animals that come our way!