Teddy came to us from out of state. He was supposed to be neutered and fully vetted when he arrived. When he got here off of transport he came without any Vet paperwork. We waited for something to be sent or emailed to us, but it never came. We had to treat him as though he had not had any previous vetting.

We noticed that his fur was very coarse and that he had patches missing from his rear. He also looked very skinny, so we decided to deworm him right away. We did a 3 day treatment of Panacur which caused him to release a ton of worms. He was loaded with them! We then took him to Seneca Animal Hospital in E. Aurora for a check up.

There he received a rabies vaccination, Bordatella vaccination, heart worm test (which was negative), as well as Cephalexin for his skin condition. We were told that it did not appear to be mange and that it should go away after a couple of weeks of taking the medicine. Please help us recoup our vet costs on a dog that we were originally told was fully vetted. The costs came to $131.00. Thank you so much for caring for this special boy.