Thelma & Puppies

UPDATE 6/24/10 Thelma and the puppies are doing great. Here are the cute little boy and girl at around 2 weeks old (with their eyes open). They are healthy and very happy.

UPDATE 6/12/10 This is a photo of Thelma and her two remaining puppies. We love them and will do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy!

UPDATE 6/11/10: Another puppy died, last night which was a little girl. She died in the arms of Kristy (the President of BPC), who has Thelma and the puppies at her home. She was wrapped up in a blanket and in bed for her last breaths. She will be buried with her other siblings. We are sad that this happened and can only hope that the other 2 puppies make it!

UPDATE 6/10/10: The puppy that we were most worried about, did not survive the night. We now have 3 puppies left and there is yet another that is struggling to survive. The puppy cried all night long even though she was bottle fed every 2 hours. She started having difficulty breathing and is now starting to fade away.

Dawn and Katilina are lounging on the couch with a very pregnant momma Beagle mix named Thelma. She is a very sweet dog who came from a high kill shelter just a couple weeks before her due date. They all enjoyed a little popcorn and some cuddling time on the couch.

Later that night, Thelma starting having contractions and it was clear that she was going to give birth. She wasn't feeling very good and simultaneously threw up while her water broke. She was leaking some green fluids, but we weren't too concerned at the time because we new that they were coming at anytime and we needed to prepare for it. As she was pacing, we noticed that the legs were starting to hang out, so we we all got excited to see these new little joys. This first puppy wasn't coming out very easily so we had to help pull the puppy out. There was a lot of green bile and the puppy wasn't breathing. The baby was clearly not completely developed and had some missing skin on it's stomach. She had delivered a stillborn puppy.

As we were trying to process what just happened along with dealing with our sadness and disappointment, another puppy was coming out. This puppy came out fast and it too was green and clearly not breathing. We could only rub Thelma's back and tell her not to worry that she would be okay, as we took her second breathless baby away from her. We felt her stomach and did feel movement, so we we had some hope that there were some live little babies left in there.

It's in the middle of the night now and Thelma wanted to rest, so we all took a nap. Chris however stayed up and watched her for hours just to make sure that she was okay. We awoke to him saying that she was pushing and another puppy was coming out. She pushed and pushed, but the puppy got stuck in her birth canal. We massaged her and tried quickly to help pull this puppy out. The baby was stuck so bad that we could tell that Thelma was getting stressed and showing signs of distress. As a final effort, we had to grab & pull at the puppy so that we could get her out as quickly as possible. Although, we tried to revive the little one, it too was not breathing. We wrapped the three babies up that didn't make it and rushed over to Seneca Animal Hospital in Elma. They were not open yet, but we were going to sit and wait so that she was the first one seen.

We took her in and showed the vet the three little ones. He wanted to do an X-Ray to see if there were any puppies left. When he came back, we were astonished to find out that she still has 8 puppies inside of her. He could not answer our question as to whether they were dead or alive. He recommended an emergency C-Section which we were glad to agree upon. Although it was going to cost over $800 we didn't want her to suffer, get further infected, or possibly even die. They took her into their care and when we called to check up on her we had found out that 4 out of the 8 puppies were alive. They said that she did not look good, but that they did the best they could to help her and the little ones. In the meantime, we had buried the three that didn't make it and put a different colored flower on top of the burial site. Each flower represents one of the beautiful babies that did not make it.

They spayed Thelma and said that she was exhausted and had been through a lot. The vet said that she was infected with Bile along with one of the pup's that did seem to make it. We were told that only time will tell if that fourth puppy will make it or not. We picked her up from the vet and brought the babies home. It was a great car ride, just to hear those little baby whimpers, knowing that these were the four survivors out of eleven puppies. What a miracle it was just to have them safely with us. We put Thelma in her crate, with blankets and gave her the babies.

Being that we were worried about the fourth puppy, one of us went to get milk replacement for the little one because it was too weak to suckle. During that time, a different puppy stopped breathing and started to become stiff. That one was gently rubbed and given mouth to mouth to stimulate breathing again which did occur. Once we had the milk supplement, we started to syringe feed 2 of the puppies while the other two were able to suckle on mom. We will continue to feed the two puppies every 2 hours, even throughout the night so that they have a fighting chance at survival.

This was a very sad, traumatic, and exhausting delivery. The vet bill for the C-Section, Emergency Care, Med's, Puppy Care, and Spay came to $825. Please help us pay for this vet bill so that we can continue to help her and the puppies! We will update you as soon as we can.

Thank you for all of the prayers and concern!