Meet TigerLilly. This sweet 5 week old girl was born 10/4 along with her 2 brothers. Everyone was thriving, but she just stopped. She didn't seem to be eating, lost weight and seemed "not right".

We took her to Seneca Animal Hospital 11/8 where she was checked out by Dr. T. He couldn't find anything alarming, so we decided to do an FIV/FeLV test, which thankfully was negative. She was slightly dehydrated so she received some fluids w/ Vitamin B.

Since there isn't anything the Dr's can do right now, we got a can of high calorie food. This gets warmed and mixed with a little water so she can be force fed. This will hopefully get her strength up to where she will want to begin eating on her own.

We have included the cost or her spay, as she will need that in a couple months...we anticipate a full recovery from whatever is ailing her. Please keep her in your thoughts, and help her out with a monetary donation if you can. We will update this chipin when there is any change in her condition. Thank you.