Update 12/9/12:
Unfortunately Toben had another behavioral incident after having a couple others in the past, even after training. Our rescue group as well as the Vet at Seneca Animal Hospital decided to try him on a medication called Fluoxetine HCL as his unpredictable behavior was becoming more and more unsafe to others. Stress and anxiety in dogs can lead to abnormal behaviors but with proper medication some dogs behavior's can be controlled. Toben has been experiencing unpredictable aggression issues, therefore we are hoping that this medication will help. The cost for a one month supply is $38.00. He started it on 11/30/12 and has shown some minimal signs of improvement up to this point. After a month or so we should know for sure if this medication will work to help manage his sometimes aggressive outbursts. Please help us cover this cost, as we have tried and will continue to try everything we can to get Toben on the right track for adoption. Thank you for your support, he deserves it.

Toben is our 2 year old Shepherd mix who was originally adopted as a puppy and then returned. We took him to Seneca Animal Hospital in E Aurora because we noticed that his deformed dewclaw was red and irritated. When Dr Figis touched it, Toben let out a cry. He said that it was infected and that we need to try medication to see if that helps.

He was prescribed Novox for pain and Cefpodoxime. Dr Figis said that if he is still sore after the med's that we may need to look into having that dewclaw removed. He feels that Toben was born with it that way, so it should not cause him pain after wards. We are hoping that the pain is what has been causing him to be on edge lately, paws crossed.

The Vet bill came to $79.00. Please help us cover his vet costs, every dollar counts!