Tokara was adopted out previously while almost done finishing her treatment for Demodex mange. Below is what a Demodex mite looks like that lives on her skin.

The new owner agreed to finish Tokara's treatment and to care for her until the mange was gone, but he neglected to do this.

We received a call from her owner's brother that Tokara was dropped off at the SPCA by his tenant. He said that he had nowhere for her to go until he moved and that he had only a week to take her to the vet otherwise he was going to be charged with animal cruelty.

The President of BPC said that she would take Tokara in her home and care for her until she was ready to be adopted again. When she showed up at the house, Tokara looked terrible. She had open sores all over her body, was extremely itchy, had almost no fur at all, had a temperature, and her tail was raw. Even though she was very uncomfortable, she was still as sweet as could be. He did take Tokara to her appointment, the very last day that he had to get her in. He was supposed to come back for her recheck and take her to the vet. Unfortunately that day passed and he never called or showed up. We left several messages for him but he failed to call us back.

We made a vet appointment to Dr. Dunaif in East Aurora and took her there for a skin scrape, dip, and med's to help her get rid of the mange. She is doing much better now and is very happy with her foster family. She has stopped itching and her fur is starting to grow back now. We need help paying for her treatment and hope that her new family will not abandon her. Tokara is up for adoption and will be spayed once we get the okay from the vet.