Update 2/18/12:

After the computer was replaced on the van and we drove it to an adoption event, it started acting up. We took it to Auto Zone for a free scan and it came up with misfiring...which was already pretty obvious. We knew the van had been sitting for a bit, so we were sure it needed a full tune up and oil change. We also noticed it was leaking from around the water pump.

We took the van to a local repair shop, after shopping around for the lowest cost. We asked them to do the spark plugs and wires, distributor cap and rotor, and a serpentine belt. They also noticed the leaking fluid and found it was the water pump. If you aren't aware, if the water pump goes it can seize up the engine and then your in some real trouble. Needless to say, it was a necessity to get this done.

So, we had to pay $770 to get everything done. It was an overwhelming amount, but it needed to be taken care of and was much cheaper than the alternative estimates of $1400-1800. I'm sure many may think, why pay for a van when animals need help? Well to put it simply, we cannot haul animals to events, pull multiple animals at a time or many other things without having a safe, reliable, large vehicle to hold everyone. Sp please, if you can afford it, your donation is greatly appreciated. With tax time, this is a great way to donate! Also, as will all donations, it is tax deductible!

Update 1/18/12:
We had some issues with our Van so we took it to a dealership to have it looked at. Our issues involved the speedometer as well as the rear blinking lights. They charged us $535 for those issues after giving us a $115 discount. After those repairs were done, we were told that the rear deferential barrings were worn out and that it was going to be another $1,300 to fix. The helped us out by lowering it to $1,000 making the total $1,550. The difference in price is due to the flasher, which they also lowered in price.

We desperately need this van to transport animals, take to adoption events, to drive animals to home visits, to fosters, to vet visits, etc... Our next step is to get some companies to sponsor some art work to go on the sides of the van which will include our BPC logo. We tried and tried to get dealerships or individuals to donate a van to us, without success so we had no other option but to purchase one. Please help us cover our costs. We will make good use of this van, we promise :)

Our first out of state trip with this Van will be to Ashtabula, Ohio where we are going to pull some dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are on the EUTHANASIA LIST! Don't let these babies down, donate today.

Update 12/9/11:
So we got our van on the road! Just a few more things before we are able to use it :-) Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, its slower moving than we would like, but vet bills must come first! We have added $514 for registration and the cost of insurance for 6 months. PLEASE HELP US GET THIS VAN READY TO USE!!! Thank you!


We have been searching for a large van that we can transport animals and items to and from events. We finally found a 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Van in very good condition! It has enough room for what we need to move, and it is an empty shell inside, making cleanup MUCH easier! We purchased the van for $2200 from a private seller. We have put a few parts needed for the van so far, at the cost of $68.

We are very excited to have the van up on the road and begin using it. There are a couple kinks to work out before we register and insure it...we will update this chipin when we have it on the road and know the final costs. Everything we purchase, is for the animals. It may seem "not urgent" to some, but this van will allow us to do so much more than we have in the past. We can even drive to pick up animals if needed now from transport, and that is a huge deal! This large van is going to help the rescue more than most can probably envision at the moment. However we do see it and are asking for everyone to chipin, and help us pay for this van.

As always, your donation is tax deductible and every dollar is appreciated and used for the rescue! Your money is going towards a wonderful cause! Thank you!!