Update 12/15/11

Whitney had bad diarrhea and was losing weight. We brought her to Seneca animal hospital where dr t gave her an examination. He did a fecal test which came Back negative for any parasites. He attributed the weight loss due to the stress of transport and recent heart worm treatment. We were told that she didn't need an injection and that she could just start a monthly heart worm preventative. This vet visit came to $58. Please help us cover her vet costs.

Whitney is a very sweet 2 year old Amstaff that came to us from SC. She was very skinny and had two puppies that both ended up having Parvo (while still out of state). Luckily they survived, but then we received more bad news. The Vet there indicated that Whitney was positive for heart worms.

A foster decided to take her in for a week while getting her treated with 2 injections of immiticide. Her treatment went well and she was on her way to meet us here in Buffalo. Upon first arriving she was a little timid but then opened up very quickly. She is an amazing, sweet, and loving girl. Unfortunately she is currently on crate rest and doesn't understand why she has to spend much of her time in there.

In a couple of weeks she will have another Vet visit so that she can have Ivermectin which will kill off any baby heart worms. The pull fee as well has her treatment came to $220.00 after some of the funds were covered. Thank you to Mama's who helped keep this amount down by donating $60 towards her treatment. We will update the chipin amount on her next appointment. Any amount that you donate is appreciated so please help Whitney by donating today!