Wilbur was a sweet little puppy who came to us with his mom and 6 siblings. His mom Reba had kennel cough really bad and all of the babies had Pneumonia as well as a kennel cough. We took all of them to 5 Corners Animal Hospital in Orchard Park where they were being treated. Katie who works there offered to foster 3 of them.

Unfortunately, we got a call from Katie that Wilbur wasn't doing very good. She said that they had him in an incubator and that he was having an extremely hard time breathing and that we had to make a decision to either have him euthanized or taken to the 24 hour Emergency Vet. She said that he had a 50/50 chance of survival. We opted to have him go there to see if we could save his precious little life.

After being there for only a short time, we got a phone call saying that it wouldn't be fair to Wilbur if we kept him there and that we would just be preventing the inevitable. Although, we did not want to have to euthanize him, the Vet said that it was the best thing that we could do for him. She said that he could not breath on his own and that he was struggling. The fee alone for just going to the Vet was $120 being that it was an emergency. They then charged for oxygen, an IV catheter, fluids, medication, and his group burial. Total for this bill came to $329.00.

Please help us pay for his Vet costs! We had to at least try to see if he could be saved. Even though it didn't have a happy ending, he did get LOTS and LOTS of affection with his foster mom before he died. He was very well taken care of and loved!